The largest plastics fair in Eurasia has been launched in Istanbul

The International Istanbul Plastics Industry Fair is now welcoming professionals from the industry
The Plast Eurasia Istanbul Fair, the plastic industry’s largest trade show in Eurasia and second only to China among annual trade shows worldwide, was inaugurated with a ceremony on Wednesday, November 22nd.

With over 1,400 exhibitors and 65,000 industry professionals, the fair serves as a platform to showcase the latest technologies and innovations.

The Plast Eurasia Istanbul Fair, which opened its doors on Wednesday, November 22nd, is playing a vital role in shaping the future of the plastic industry. On its 32nd edition, the fair provides an opportunity for exhibitors worldwide, including Germany, Denmark, Iran, Russia, Italy, Poland, China, and Spain to showcase their products.

Organized by Tüyap Fair & Exhibition Group in cooperation with PAGEV (Turkish Plastic Industry Research, Development, and Education Foundation), the fair was inaugurated in the presence of Ali Ikram Tuna, the Büyükçekmece District Governor, Şekib Avdagiç, the President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce,  Hasan Büyükdede, Former Deputy Minister, Yavuz Eroğlu, President of the Turkish Plastic Industry Research, Development, and Education Foundation, Bülent Ünal, Chairman of the Board of Tüyap Fair & Exhibition Group, İlhan Ersözlü, General Manager of Tüyap Exhibitions Production Inc., and many other industry representatives.

Plast Eurasia Istanbul, the largest and most significant fair in Eurasia, aims to surpass previous records in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors, as well as the size of the exhibition hall area.
During his inaugural address, Büyükçekmece District Governor İkram Tuna expressed his appreciation to the management of Tüyap for their efforts in creating an exceptional exhibition center and expanding internationally and emphasized the importance of the fair in contributing to the growth of the industry’s export markets and advancing sustainability.

Şekip Avdagiç, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, called it a huge success to organize a fair with 1400 exhibitors and continued, “The participating companies in this trade show offer cutting-edge technologies that are not only accessible and feasible, but also manufacturable. The event showcases a range of sound products and machines. The issue of waste is of paramount importance, and the plastic industry is making great strides towards eliminating plastic waste through its innovative practices. There is a pressing need to supply raw materials to fulfill a capacity of at least 5 million tons in the upcoming years”.

Bülent Ünal, the President of Tüyap Fair & Exhibition Group, announced that the Plastic Fair will be celebrating its 32nd year and that Tüyap will be celebrating its 45th anniversary and expressed his delight at the long-standing cooperation of 32 years between the two organizations.
We have made diligent efforts for recycling.

Hasan Büyükdede, former Deputy Minister, stated, “As someone involved in this sector, I believe it is crucial to prioritize the development of this sector and the machinery sector. We have made diligent efforts with PAGEV for cycling while ensuring proper follow-up of materials and location arrangements for recycling. It is essential to separate certain areas in the plastic sector, and packaging recycled materials correctly is equally important. I recognize the immense benefits of recycling machines and facilities in their respective industrial fields”.

The number of exhibitors has increased by 22 percent.

İlhan Ersözlü, General Manager of Tüyap Exhibitions Production Inc., also mentioned, “This year, we are bringing together over 1,400 companies and representatives with professional buyers in a total of 14 halls, covering an area of 120,000 square meters. Thanks to the invaluable collaboration with PAGEV, our fair has been expanding with each passing year, resulting in the addition of two new halls. The number of exhibitor companies has escalated by 22 percent in comparison to the previous year, while the fairground in square meters has increased by 15 percent, and the square meters allocated to foreign exhibitors have seen a significant surge of 73 percent”.

Plast Eurasia grew by 20 percent.

Yavuz Eroğlu, President of PAGEV, emphasized that they have resolved multiple issues, such as credibility, qualified staff, and location, at PAGEV, and added, “The Plast Eurasia exhibition, which has been established as a global brand over 31 years through our partnership with Tüyap, grew by 20 percent this year. We have observed a considerable surge in number of visitors. And this year has witnessed a significant surge in demand”.

The fair is a platform for showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in the plastic industry, attracting over 1,400 exhibitors and 65,000 professionals from the sector together. Attendees can explore an array of products exhibited by leading brands in the plastic industry, as well as gain insights into the newest products and services in machinery and raw materials.

The number of foreign exhibitors has increased by 73 percent.

The Plast Eurasia Istanbul Fair has experienced significant growth this year, with a 73% increase in foreign exhibitors. The fair has been fully booked for two months prior to its opening, necessitating the addition of two more halls to accommodate visitors in 2023. Exhibitors from a wide range of countries, including Germany, England, Poland, Netherlands, and Spain, are set to convene with visitors from other countries such as India and Iran.

The fair will be open to visitors from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm for the first three days and from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm on the final day.